Who is Uachiço  ? 

I was born in NAMACURRA-Zambézia, but I am growing up and studying in Inhambane, because I moved to this province when I was five (5).

Following my mother’s culture, I am from Zambézia, because she is from there and according to my father’s family tradition I am from Inhambane, cause he is from here, but I found a way to satisfy the two sides of this controversy:  “I am a fruit of National Unity.”

I am studying in the 2nd year of Hotel Management, but my dream was in International Relations and Diplomacy.  Today, I can’t imagine me studying something different from H.M. because I know the dimension of my smallness, but with this course I discovered the greatness that I want to reach.
After my first degree at ESHTI in Hotel Management, I would like to have then my Master degree in the same course, in Australia, France, U.S.A. or Italy, so that I can get my own hotel (3 stars at least) or work 3 years in the food and beverage area of a hotel or similar (as manager or not) and after that I can work in other sections.

I took the photo club with a purpose of learning English, but also photography techniques, chatting and dealing with people without fear, a kind of different methodology of teaching and learning the English language.  I learnt to trust each time more in myself, saying “I can do it”.  It seems like I studied four (4) courses in 2 months:  English, photography, pedagogical methodology, and psychology.  I am very happy.

Now the photos are exposed in my bedroom.  You get in and the first thing you see is the book of pictures and you enjoy it.  I am thinking of making it bigger and putting them in a bigger book to be seen by everyone who goes in my home and serve as inspiration source for me because I want to do photography as my hobby.  That’s why I’m making an effort to find a camera of my own.

Some of Uachiço's Photos