Who is Hernania? 

Full name:  Hernania Edith Matavele

Where you are from:  Maputo, Mozambique

Year at ESHTI:  First year studying tourism

Future Plans:  I want to open my own restaurant or open a catering services because I like to work with people.  So, I like to see people happy.  I will be "Ms.  Happiness"  :)

Why you took this club:  Because I want to improve my English, also I want to learn how I can take good photograph, so one day I can be a kid of "expert" of taking photos.  And because I like to work with different people.

What you will do with your photos:  First I will keep to myself, to see my first pictures, to evaluate the difference between this photo with the next (the photos I will take).  Then I can give for my friends, family, and persons who like them, and also if I can, continue doing some exhibitions.

What you learned from the club:  I improve my English.  I learned how I can take good photos.  I have the opportunity to change experience with my colleagues.

Some of Hernania's Photos

The perfect mystery
O misterio perfeito

The beauty of an old, abandoned building
A beleza de um edificio velho e abandonado